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Last updated on 14 December 2018.


Please carefully read over the following information for a thorough understanding of the terms for a potential collaboration with Studio Greenwoods.


Studio Greenwoods is a small Toronto-based web studio operating primarily on a not-for-profit* basis and whose purpose is to seek out and collaborate with independent artists, photographers, writers and other arts & culture creators to kickstart new and original online portfolios, projects and websites.

It is the goal of Studio Greenwoods to pool its resources with collaborating creators, provide basic technical support and shoulder some of the costs of setting up and maintaining new websites. Studio Greenwoods is committed to being an active and engaged creative partner in each creative undertaking.

For more information on and examples of ongoing projects, please refer to the Studio Greenwoods homepage.

Main Services

Studio Greenwoods provides services such as responsive web design, web development, scheduled maintenances, basic consulting, web hosting and more. Such services typically cost up to US$500 per month. Instead, Studio Greenwoods operates on a monthly pay-what-you-can basis—with a minimum pledge of US$1 per month. Any amount over the minimum will be greatly appreciated.

Studio Greenwoods lets collaborating creators decide what a fair rate is—so collaborating creators can easily manage costs and focus on creating quality, engaging and meaningful web content.

To help collaborating creators further cover some of the costs of starting a new web project, Studio Greenwoods provides free subdomains (yourproject.greenwoods.studio) for new projects in addition to the above services.

Custom Domains and SSL Certificates

If requested, Studio Greenwoods will purchase brand new, unique domains (yourproject.com) from third-party domain registrars on a collaborating creator's behalf. For this, an annual payment is required to cover the domain lease (including taxes and applicable fees). Please note that the annual payment is in addition to the monthly charge.

Collaborating creators wishing to build secure, encrypted websites and would like Studio Greenwoods to purchase (from a third-party authority) and set up SSL certificates for their sites can do so with another additional annual payment to cover the SSL certificate, taxes and applicable fees.

Branding Policy

Studio Greenwoods depends primarily on the financial support of patrons and sponsors to cover operating costs, hosting costs and support for all collaborating creators' projects. For this reason, Studio Greenwoods branding and links will appear on all sites designed, developed and maintained. Branding will be implemented with care to ensure that they are reasonable and unobtrusive.

Websites designed, developed and maintained by Studio Greenwoods will be showcased on the Studio Greenwoods homepage as a member of its "family of arts & culture web projects."

We encourage collaborating creators to engage in promoting the Studio Greenwoods brand. All amounts raised go toward goals such as continuing and improving operations, upgrading servers and funding ongoing and future projects.

Payment Methods

Studio Greenwoods asks that collaborating creators arrange to have automatic monthly payments made through the Studio Greenwoods platform on Patreon. Creators who don't wish to be publicly listed as a Studio Greenwoods "Patron," can opt out by selecting to "make a custom pledge" when choosing patronage options. A PayPal link will be provided via email for collaborating creators who elect to purchase custom domains and SSL certificates.

Please note that—regarding the monthly charges—Patreon only supports payments processed in USD. Annual payments (for custom domains and SSL certificates) processed by PayPal can be in any currency. However, as this is a Canadian studio, CAD is always preferred.

A new project file will be opened and work on designing sites will officially begin once initial payments have been processed.

And That's It!

Creators interested in collaborating with Studio Greenwoods are encouraged to get in touch at the earliest opportunity by sending an email to info@greenwoods.studio with "Project Proposal" in the subject line, a brief self-introduction and a conceptual outline for a project, portfolio or website.

Please note that only those creators whose proposals have been accepted will be contacted. This should take place in 3 to 5 business days.

*Studio Greenwoods is NOT a registered non-profit entity. In stating that it operates “primarily on a not-for-profit basis,” Studio Greenwoods is espousing an aspiration and not making a legal claim.

Note: All Studio Greenwoods collaborations and relationships are based on an understanding of mutual help and respect. Studio Greenwoods reserves the right to terminate any collaborating relationship should the parties fail to uphold this understanding to a satisfactory degree.